Personal Sessions


Weekly or bi-weekly 1 H sessions can take place on-line, in person or while having a walk (a walking session in the nature).

Bespoke to Your individual needs, personal sessions bring calmness, clarity and stimulate solutions. 

Psychology-based methods, body awareness and mindfulness techniques ensure instant emotional relief and comfort.

Therapeutic relationship helps create a safe and confidential space for healthful dialogue and constant support.




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Brigitaabout Therapeutic Coaching sessions
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I want to thank you for your help. We only had sessions together for a month and a half, but it changed my life a lot. I had many problems, traumas from childhood that worried me and caused a lot of stress. Now I feel at peace, living here and now, because I used to live with plans for the future. I spent a lot of money, a lot of time on courses where I did not get much benefit. I am very grateful to you for your knowledge, your strategies. It was very convenient to talk to you, to open to you. Together, we have done a great job towards my transformation. I want to recommend you to anyone who is at the bottom where I was. Thank you
Nedasabout Mentoring
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Egle is very warm and full of knowledge. We fully achieved the set goal! I would also like to mention that Egle’s methods are very useful and having continuity.
Urteabout counseling sessions
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Every session with Egle is a great discovery of new ways to look at various areas in your life. That brings the feeling of calmness and confidence about the present and future. Sessions are engaging, full of positive energy and Egle is very supportive, insightful and inspiring person. I really recommend her sessions as everyone would find something wonderful to take from them.
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Eglė is a wonderful mentor with a wealth of knowledge who shares her knowledge and advice with others. I am grateful to Egle for the frank conversations that helped me to put my thoughts in the right place and to see the situation from a different angle. The result definitely exceeded expectations 🙂
ANAabout Therapeutic coaching sessions
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It’s great to share and sense that you have the knowledge of what impressions about thinking/feeling I refer to… in my 3 tryouts with other psychologists I didn’t find the genuine calm understanding of my sensorial life,- therefore here with you there is much more trust/mutual space so that some help is indeed taking place and your suggestions blend in with my way of being. Calm aware perception on your side (receiving the energy and comment) is very valuable, being on the same frequency, talking with gentleness. I recommend these sessions to people who may be insecure, scared or dealing with overwhelm, of any ages. Thank you very much, you are rare too and you are helping people!
Maria P.about therapeutic coaching sessions
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I found your sessions valuable as they helped me question certain behavior of my friends and understand that it is worth standing up for oneself. I understood that it's worth to respect yourself and it's ok to challenge the people about their behavior and actions. Your supporting questions and also personal comments led me to improvement of the situation. I would recommend it for people having issues with expressing their feelings, some topics to work on from the past, wanting to understand what relations they are interested to have. It was almost like a therapy by self answering and looking for a root cause. You have also challenged me to take some actions to address the situation and be in power to change it.
i.t.about therapeutic coaching sessions
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I feel that through these sessions I have been able to look a little deeper into the feelings and fears related to relationships. Thanks to your questions and insights, I was able to see some things from a different perspective and I still feel calmer after the last session than I did the first time. I also enjoyed trying a new way of expressing feelings through drawing. It helped that I had the space to talk and at the same time your targeted questions and insights helped. I felt your empathy and understanding, and I felt that I could speak openly, but it was not just my monologue but more of a dialogue. I would recommend it to anyone who feels in the slightest that they want to analyze themselves, a particular issue, or just try to see things from a different perspective.