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Mindful Moving

“The body always leads us home… if we can simply learn to trust sensation and stay with it long enough.” – Pat Ogden

If you don’t like discomfort or effort, Mindful Moving may come as a pleasant surprise for you. This class is a mix of Mindfulness philosophy, vagus nerve (based on Polyvagal theory by Dr. Stephen Porges) stimulation exercises and conscious movements that you can naturally apply daily.
Mindful Moving teaches listening to your body and respecting its limits. It helps you lower the stress level, releases stagnant energy, increases focus and resilience. It’s a great way to practice self-care by incorporating both, mental and physical well-being. No specific physical preparation required.
Available in Luxembourg upon request for groups (5/8 people – 185/225 EUR/1h) and in person (65 EUR/1h).

Forest Bathing

We all know the benefits of physical and mental wellbeing of the forest walks and being in the nature. But have you wondered, if you take the most of it?
‘Shinrin yoku’ or Forest Bathing is a Japanese concept, also known as forest therapy, draws on thousands of years of intuitive knowledge. You get the chance to find out an experience the ‘Shinrin yoku’ here and now, clear your mind, boost your mood and immunity, relax and (dis)connect.
Available in Luxembourg upon request for groups (min 5/max 10 p – 135/195 EUR/1h) and in person (50 EUR/1h).
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Walk & Talk therapy

This innovative therapy model is designed for busy, working people who have troubles finding time for themselves in daily routines.

It combines the therapeutic process with the physical activity of walking in a natural, tranquil setting like a park or forest.

For Your convenience Walk & Talk Therapy sessions (50 min.) take place during lunch breaks on working days and on the weekends, in and around city of Luxembourg.
Invoicing and different combinations available. In order to book these therapy sessions, please contact me directly.

Creative THERAPEUTIC Workshops

Creative therapeutic workshops are an integration of psychology, art therapy, coaching and neuro science methods. They provide safe and supportive environment as well as tools for emotional discharge in constructive ways, and improve your self-awareness. Afterwards you feel more calm, free and self-confident in decision-making processes.

The workshops take place in cooperation with different studios and/or professionals. Please visit my Facebook or Instagram for the upcoming events.

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These Feminine Nourishing Vacation in Cyprus are created for the Woman..

…who wants to RELAX – from home, busyness, work, studies and all sorts of affairs…

…who aims to SLOW DOWN – in her every day running around, in her doing, waiting or being…

…who is eager to ENJOY – herself, nature, food and Cyprus!

Curious to see how does it look like? Press here!

Would love to join? Please get in touch with me for more information!


loretaabout Women Circles
Read More
Women Circles was the thing I was missing the most in Luxembourg. Space where you can share, unite, listen and open your heart without being judged ❤❤❤ Very positive space and comforting atmosphere for your inner growth. Thank you, Egle for organising!
sigitaabout women circles
Read More
I have participated in one of the Women Circles hosted by Egle and I enjoyed it very much! It was a warm moment during which I have got a chance not only learn new things from Egle but from other women stories as well. Cannot wait for the next Women Circle! ❤
jurgitaabout women circles
Read More
Good morning Egle !!! Thank you for the evening. It was amazing!!! Looking forward to another Women Circle!
rugileabout women circles
Read More
I joined Women’s Circle with Eglė twice and really enjoyed the cozy, safe environment it offers. The best is to have no predetermined expectations and see where it takes you…
Noahabout Mindful Moving workshop
Read More
It was good to take the time to slowdown. To put our focus on intention on our inside, on our breath, on our surroundings and what we choose gave a lot of clarity. The invitation to visualize things like visualizing the roots of the tree helps even more with focus. I really liked the class and opportunity to be here.
Anaabout Mindful moving workshop
Read More
Very nice human time 🙂 I liked your voice: not too strong, or too softy, nice and neutral. I enjoyed challenging myself to enjoy being present, smell, enjoy without having agenda to try to accomplish. Just being aware without needing to deliver something. I like how our bodies are honest, not push through exercise and not reject normal feelings, and also, we can find neutrality.
adinaabout Mindful moving workshop
Read More
First of all I loved the choice of the setting & the rock had some energy vibes that kept me grounded. Enjoyed the mix of explanation & exercises 🙂 And I generally like your soothing voice & presence 🙂
M.about Forest bathing
Read More
It was good to take a pause from everyday routine to slow down and explore nature & different sensations without a particular goal. It helped to quite down my mind & be in the present moment, really notice my surroundings. I also liked how we all shared our experiences. I would recommend this to everyone who would like to connect with nature & themselves, try something different.
A.about Forest bathing
Read More
I liked to have dedicated time not to rush and I found out a new thing which started in Japan. I would recommend it to all my friends! Thank you!
L.about Forest bathing
Read More
I loved the atmosphere itself together with great ladies. For me, the most interesting part was talking because sometimes you need to learn to express yourself in the words and describe how did you feel. I am glad to come here and experience the tranquility and the time for mindfulness.
Karolinaabout Forest bathing
Read More
First of all, when coming here I wanted to have my own time for myself, without the family, and to meet other people. My goal was to find inner peace by discovering new and interesting practices like this one. Hence, this Forest Bathing session was like a chance for me to start feeling better. I loved it, thank you!
I.about Forest bathing
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I loved the feelings of peacefulness and freedom that I felt during the practice. It helped me feel more relaxed and I want to repeat this Forest Bathing experience again! I recommend trying it to all of my friends.