Therapeutic Coaching

My belief in Coaching as a tool is based on the following:

  1. it evokes your awareness and empowers you to see the believes, perceptions  or patterns that stop you from the desired outcome. Because no sustainable change can be achieved without acknowledging the existing status quo;          
  2. it allows you to become clear on your values and desired results, and that leads you to the clarity of knowing what life You want, and yet saves you from chasing for the dreams of others;
  3. finally, it helps you put the steps into a plan and turn decisions into actions, as well as prepares for possible challenges and setbacks,

        and all of this in a relatively short time (if compared to most of the therapies).

So, why Therapeutic Coaching?

The way You handle the process defines Your engagement and motivation, but most importantly – it determines the amount of joy and satisfaction (with Your life) along the way”.

Therapeutic Coaching as such integrates both, coaching and the therapy, and carries the same benefits of coaching, but I dare say – is more profound and effective

My personal and professional experience shows that every change outwards firstly requires the change inwards. When we go inwards, the mind loses its power and we encounter with the emotions.

I find the emotions are great resource, carrying lots of answers. This is where the integration of psychology, psychosomatics, mindfulness, neuro education (according to R. Miller), body and art therapies serves its purpose:

  • firstly, provides an instant and gentle emotional relief,
  • helps you deal with the situation throughout the body and teaches self-support,
  • brings your awareness to the resources You already possess,
  • brings out the body wisdom (intuition/gut feeling) and assured knowing-through-feeling without compromising yourself,
  • stimulates creative solutions,
  • teaches self-compassion and profound perspective towards self,
  • provides with the tools enabling you to step into position of co-creator of your own life.