Gestalt Coaching

What is Gestalt Coaching?

The word “gestalt” originates from German language and means “a form”, “to take shape”, “to organize”, “to build”, so it refers to how an experience takes shape. When we become aware of how we do something, we get the ability to choose of doing it differently.

Gestalt Coaching integrates both, coaching and the principles of Gestalt therapy and is designed to help you live a healthier, happier and more relaxed life:

    • It enables to identify and reflect on the patterns of the person’s behavior, and through awareness, dialogue and experiments to make changes to the behavior;

    • It adopts a holistic approach, recognizing all the aspects of the human condition: thoughts, feelings, body, behaviors, perceptions and spirit/religious believes;

    • Somatic approach helps you learn more about your body and nervous system regulation, gain more confidence, speak your truth, and promotes your authentic self.

Gestalt Coaching takes a whole person view and helps you find the confidence, motivation, courage, emotional space and energy to move forward and live your life in a more relaxed pace.

What to expect in a session with me?

It’s important to note that each session is unique and tailored to the individual’s needs. The therapeutic relationship is also central to the process, as the me and client work together to explore and understand his/hers experiences.

    • Emphasis on the Present Moment: sessions focus on current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors rather than delving extensively into past events.

    • Holistic Approach: in my view, every individual is as holistic being, considering his/hers interconnection of mind, body, and emotions. The goal is to help you develop awareness and integration of all aspects of your experience.

    • Experiential Techniques & Experimentation: I often incorporate experiential techniques to help you gain insights and integrate your experiences. This might include role-playing, guided imagery, empty-chair work, art therapy methods that lead to increased self-awareness and insights

    • Attention to Body Sensations: as we live through our bodies, the bodily sensations and understanding the emotions is highly important to me. I will guide you to pay attention to physical sensations and explore their connection to your emotional state.

    • Closure and Reflection: the sessions typically end with a reflection on the work done during the session. We explore what insights were gained and discuss how you can apply these insights to your life outside of therapy.

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