Gestalt  Therapy

Therapy works best when it hurts. Because emotional pain – whether it’s anxiety, fear, sadness, helplessness or a numbing emptiness – is our best motivator for change. People tend to repeat their “scenarios” they have created in their lives, even if they are aware that it can be harmful or prevent them from living better.

In a way, therefore, we should be grateful for our suffering – the feelings that come from within often force us to get over ourselves and dare to face otherwise unthinkable changes.

However, it is not only pain or suffering that brings a person to therapy. Sometimes life ceases to be enjoyable and the feeling of “being alive” disappears, the overwhelming apathy prevails.

Gestalt therapy enables individuals to confront and process these states in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. It facilitates the recognition and release of unresolved emotions and patterns, paving the way for healing, growth, and renewed resilience.

Ultimately, by embracing one’s authentic self, Gestalt therapy offers a pathway towards transcending suffering and cultivating a more fulfilling and meaningful existence. Through compassionate exploration and tailored interventions, it fosters profound growth and liberation from past constraints.

Eglé Adamonyte