Hi and welcome!

I truly believe You have visited me for a reason.

My name is Eglė. Born in Lithuania, I currently live in Luxembourg. As everyone of us,  I’ve been through physical and emotional hardships myself. I found my ways to self-realization, happy relationship, healthy body, and most importantly – living life that is true to myself, with gratitude, joy and appreciation.

Now I want to share my EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE, ENERGY and support with you, so You can find Yours!

Currently practicing as a certified therapeutic coach (ICF), mindfulness teacher (MBSR, MBCT, CBT), and Gestalt psychotherapist in a near future, I use psychology and counseling knowledge as a base while CREATIVELY integrating  body and art therapies, psychosomatics, Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy©, energetic practices and neuroeducation (for formal credentials and accreditations see below & here)

My diverse experience in Schema Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and such alternative methods like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hemi-Sync®, Sedona method, rebefing&breathwork, constellations (Bert Hellinger), Tantra philosophy, Bioenergetic analysis, shamanic practices, Human Design, DAO, soul rituals serves by offering broader understanding of different personalities and problems one might have. 

I love sharing my skills and knowledge with other women when facilitating Creative Therapeutic Women Circles, Mindfulness and Forest Bathing events in Luxembourg,  and hosting Women Retreats in Cyprus.

I believe that consciousness towards Your body and mind is an empowering tool to co-create Your Authentic Life from the space of gratitude, love and peace with self. 

My purpose here is to create a Safe Space for Your Self-Discovery and Soul Recovery, and make that happen! 

With Love

Eglė Adamonytė