Hi and welcome!

I truly believe You have visited me here for a reason!

My name is Eglė and My mission here is to provide You with professional guidance following scientifically-based and creative methods, and support You throughout the challenging times.

I am a certified therapeutic coach, mindfulness practitioner (MBCT, MBSR, CBT), Gestalt Psychotherapy and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy student, applying methods of body awareness, art therapy and neuroeducation (for formal credentials and accreditations see below & here). As well, the facilitator of Women Circles, Mindfulness and Forest Bathing events in Luxembourg. And simply, a woman who believes that consciousness towards the body and mind is an empowering tool to co-create My own Life from the space of gratitude, love and peace with myself.

Born in Lithuania, I currently live in Luxembourg. Having over a decade of legal&corporate experience, I’ve been through physical and emotional hardships myself. As curious and persistent person, I have tried variety of versatile methods: psycho/body/move therapies, coaching, psychosomatics, mindfulness and the alternative ones like energetic and shamanic practices, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hemi-Sync®, Sedona method, rebefing&breathwork, constellations (Bert Hellinger), Tantra philosophy, Bioenergetic analysis, Human Design, DAO, soul rituals and past life traveling.

Throughout these experiences I have confirmed to myself that the mind is a powerful tool and can be a great resource when learned how to handle it. While the body contains all the wisdom and healing processes within already. We just need to re-learn to connect and understand it. 

I truly believe that each of us already possess the resources and capacities needed for the ultimate purpose – to embrace the gift of Life and live it fully – with gratitude, dignity and respect. 

Eglė Adamonytė